Gamers Zone

Gamers Zone

FROM 10:00 TO 14:00 AND FROM 15:00 TO 20:00 ON THE SECOND FLOOR.
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VRMax Centers

The VRMax Centers will offer a range of diverse experiences in Virtual Reality, suitable for all age groups. Among this unique selection is the launch of the innovative RV locomotion system, Kat Loco, which allows the user to mobilize and use their lower body to create a more physically active experience in this VR interaction. In addition, the space will feature various Kat Walk Mini platforms such as the smallest locomotion platforms available within the RV, and a multiplayer place.

SyFy presents: “Eleven Eleven”

Set on an island planet, users become protagonists while a countdown discounts the 11 minutes and 11 seconds left until a catastrophic event. Users can control the experience in which they interact with a group of interrelated characters and their stories, with more than 90 minutes of content to explore.

CoolPaintrVR by PlayStation Talents

CoolPaintrVR is the wonderful experience of painting in space with PS4 and walking around your work as if you were right there. Thanks to a simple interface, accessible to everyone, the user will be able to use many amazing brushes to enjoy as if he were a true artist.

Intruders by PlayStation Talents

Intruders: Hide and Seek is a first-person stealth game in which the player assumes the role of Ben, a young child who witnesses how his parents are tied and tortured by three violent strangers who enter the house by force. The mission of the player is to move unnoticed avoiding his enemies. The user will discover the history and the reason for the search trying to help his family in the worst night of their lives.

Scriptum by Adver2Play

Scriptum is the first Escape Room platform in Extended Reality (XR). The fact that the player has to move and interact with the objects of the virtual world, makes it very different from any other game.

It is available for IOS and Android mobile devices and on Virtual Reality devices such as HTC Live through Steam. It was first launched in October 2018 and it has had more than 10,000 downloads. Google has sponsored penetration in the Chinese market.