Sergio Ochoa

His interest in researching and creating new technologies has given him a deep knowledge and understanding of each step involved in the development of the audiovisual process. His career began as software developer of applications and graphic interface. He then combined his technical expertise with artistic creation and became CGI artist and VFX supervisor. He founded his own enterprise which quickly became one of Spain´s most relevant production companies. After years of direction, post production and production he moved into creative direction and art direction for advertising campaigns. He then returned to the film market as VFX supervisor and DI expert (Technicolor). Throughout his career he has founded several innovative companies in the arena of FX and VFX, who were quickly absorved by larger companies. His wide background allow him to help towards the development of a high end post production suite (SGO Mistika), focusing on colour grading and the stereoscopic tool set and SGO Mistika positioning in the international market as a leading technology. currently, he works as CEO / Creative Technologist in the SGO office in France.