VR Area

The VR Area is the part of the 360 BCN VR Fest where companies, schools and individuals can show and promote their projects in the virtual reality environment, 360 video and augmented reality.


The VR Area will consist of a Showroom and a Test Zone:


The Showroom is an exhibition and demo space where technological suppliers (software and hardware), companies, schools, video game developers, experiences and applications distributed inside the cloister of Arts Santa Mònica can participate.


The Test Zone will let everyone test the most innovative tools and equipment. The activities that can be experienced in the Test Zone are the best on an international level. In turn, you can experience a selection of the best interactive audiovisual pieces with titles as important as the VR experiences of The Simpsons, The Ministry of Time or BeefeaterXO with David Muñoz.


You can access to the VR Area with the ENTRADA GENERAL ESPACIO VR ticket