Test Zone

In the Test Zone you will be able to test the most innovative tools and equipment. The activities that can be experienced in the Test Zone are the best at an international level. There you can experience a selection of the best interactive audiovisual pieces with titles as important as the VR experiences of The Simpsons, The Ministry of Time or BeefeaterXO with David Muñoz.

Within the diverse experiences that can be known and experienced in Movistar Barcelona 360 Virtual Reality Fest we will have the following:




Birdly is a flight experience without taking your feet off the ground. Virtual Reality and 360º immersive technology combined create a unique experience to fly like a bird, skydive or discover natural landscapes and cities. It is a simulator that is used lying on a kind of plate or platform that tilts to help you have the physical feeling of an actual flight. Birdly allows to explore a completely new dimension of leisure for all audiences.

Birdly de Bail Out Group


360º immersive sphere is an innovative audiovisual experience capable of transporting you anywhere in the world thanks to projections and formats in 360º in “domes”.


Bail Out Group is an expert in generating visual emotions. They are dedicated to the extraordinary and avoid the ordinary, in other words, they create the famous “wow effect”.



“Tu cuento en la cocina” is a mobile app that the company Imascono developed for the cook Ferran Adrià, Telefónica and Disney, but they also created it in VR. The experience is a Job Simulator, since it allows you to use the different Disney objects all over the kitchen.


In addition we will be able to enjoy interactive installations with Kinect: The Star Wars virtual tester, The Bosch point of sale interactive installation and the Carrefour / Disney interactive installation.
Imascono is a creative studio specialized in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. They merge Design and Technology to bring advertising and entertainment to the new digital era. Being pioneers at international level, Imascono develops projects for major clients such as Disney, Telefonica, Adidas, Samsung or Carrefour. Chromville, their personal project, stands out as an educative universe that has recorded more than 500,000 downloads at an international level.


InMediaStudio presents one of its greatest 2016 projects: Bluemars VR. This is a virtual experience with HTC Vive developed for National Geographic Spain on the occasion of its documentary Back to Mars, which managed to immerse scientists from ESA and the protagonist of the series Mars Alberto Amann, in a mission simulating living conditions on Mars.


BlueMars is an experience that immerses the user in a mission to Mars in a very realistic way thanks to the construction of physical facilities that help to simulate the conditions of the red planet. The project was developed by InMediaStudio for National Geographic Spain on the occasion of the release of the documentary Return to Mars.

InMediaStudio is a company dedicated to the development of tangible digital transformation solutions for all types of clients. They have extensive experience in the transformation of the educational publishing sector as well as in the creation of immersive experiences for Entertainment, Cinema, Healthcare, Tourism or Real Estate.



Virtual Temple is an experience in which virtual architecture and wellbeing go hand in hand. In a time when it is increasingly difficult to find places for relaxation, virtual reality becomes the gateway to hundreds of digital spaces in order to find refuge, fun and gain knowledge. Virtual Temple allows you to travel to a world where meditation will be your guide through different spaces, bringing you to a dream environment, in which reality fades little by little while you explore new universes.


Isostopy is a creative study of virtual experiences. It develops new worlds in which to live hyper realistic sensations that transform dreams into realities. It was born from the idea of two architects convinced of the importance of constructing suitable virtual spaces where they transmit ideas that excite. Together with a multidisciplinary team, Isostopy creates projects of all kinds with which to interact and explore unforgettable experiences.



HOLOLENS is a viewer through which users can view overlapping holograms in reality and interact with them.


ESCAPE! is an stereoscopic fiction and VR experience in which the reaction of the viewer modifies the story.


VISYON is an internationally awarded technology services company with several awards. They give support in innovation to meet the demands of big brands. They are very specialized in Virtual Reality, 360 video, augmented reality and interactive projections.



SGO Mistika represents the cutting edge in DI finishing systems, offering the most modern, complete and flexible set of tools available today for postproduction, film, commercial, broadcast and feature film environments.

Built on years of research, development and production experience, Mistika enables facilities with new levels of creative power, performance and workflow efficiency, revolutionizing the delivery to the customer.



The “Pro-cable” is a trolley wire camera system, which allows horizontal or oblique travellings over long distances. The system doubles security. The Pro-cable is equipped with a head of gyro stabilized 3 axes controlled in the heart failure, the acceptance of a film or video camera.

The “Pro-lift” allows you to travel safely and be closer to the action. It allows the descent and ascent up to 3 meters in height by means of a joystick in the cabin. Mounting on the front or rear of the car. Maximum speed 180 kmh Mercedes or 220 km / with the Porsche.

“Pro-Track” allows the camera to travel on motorized lanes. It can be mounted in any position. Motion control can be piloted in many ways. It has a length of up to 20 meters. It can be synchronized with other motion control systems, expanding the possibilities of movement.


It has been developed on the basis of a ALTA drone a multi-camera system. This Drone VR for 360 video can be equipped with 10 GoPro type cameras. 4 of the chambers are installed at the top and the other 6 below the drone. With this system, fully stabilized, there is no loss of quality in post-production and completely covers the drone area. Pictures FABRYC offers its services to the audiovisual sector, cinema and photography in France and abroad. All of their drones can be used for film, advertising, documentaries, television and some can fly in town.